Take A Chance

Seattle’s summer skies began to turn a timid color gray, The night that I met you on a chilly August Saturday. I’m not sure why I decided to get to know you, Maybe I wanted to take a chance? You were not ideally what I was looking for — A brief, sweet and impermissible romance….

At A Loss

It was during Winter that you mesmerized me with your sleepy eyes. Before I knew it, you started to undress me with your childish lies. How could I become so blind, was your superpower to hypnotize? To think that this could last forever, when it would only end in foolish goodbyes.   Somehow I thought…

Is there a place?

Is there a place where you’d be proud to be called mine? Is there a place where our stars would eventually align? Somewhere far away — maybe a planet or two. Somewhere far away — together, just me and you.   I caught a glimpse of your shadow in the distance, please don’t run away….

Dear Trisha,

The following letter was written by my younger sister, Trisha. I hope that you may find peace during all your unexplainable chaos. 07/08/2019 Dear Tracy, I’m very stressed about college and also because my new math teacher gave me a bad impression of her class this morning.  Tuition is also $6000 and I don’t know…

Barcelona (Dec 2018)

I have never really thought that I would fall in love with the idea of traveling.  I did not think that it would be manageable or realistic to “drop” your life for a few days/weeks to explore another world.  It seemed insane.  It seemed impossible.  It seemed expensive.  I pushed away all of my negative energy and…