And then she met you.

How did one seem so free, yet haunted by several past mistakes?

Late nights that turned into careless decisions and short-lived heartbreaks. 

Was it company that she was longing for — maybe a hand to graciously hold?

Perhaps all she craved for was someone temporary, but this isn’t how this story will unfold. 

A glimpse to the previous year, she was selfish with her fragile fighter of a heart

She relished all her games, yet dreaded those that she couldn’t outsmart

She turned to profound words that she attempted to casually write 

To describe what she was going through, that she never gave up without a glorious fight

Soccer tournaments, musical festivals, event after event

Tiresome dates to escape melancholic nights were of her primary intent 

She prioritized her joy, it secured her with the right piece of mind

She figured that she would work on herself instead of anxiously waiting for the stars to align

Loneliness tried to drown her, but her hopes allowed her to rise above

Although she appreciated her independence, she liked the idea of someone to love

Ridiculously she whispered:

”Focus on loving yourself, focus on the things you can do right — 

Some one will come along, but maybe that someone won’t be arriving tonight.”

And then she met you.

Love, T. 

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