half past three

Why do you keep running thru my mind — it’s a half past three

Remember that it’s been months since the day that I had reluctantly set you free?

You’ve always been foolish, yet I had naively claimed you to be mine.

You’ve always been ignorant, yet I thought you’d change after our bodies would entwine.


It was a crisp fall day that you had decided to break my fragile fighter of a heart

With words that could kill and scars that left an unpleasant trace of abstract art.

Less tensed, more stressed with countless empty words left unsaid

Unanswered questions that had eventually left me with melancholic tears to continuously shed.


You left me wondering why people do wrong to those who treat them so kind

Maybe it’s all for self-protection, maybe it’s a choice for you to have the right peace of mind?

Sometimes it’s okay to not have the answers that you unconsciously desire

Maybe it’s okay taking a step back than trying to ignite an unnecessary fire.


Although I’m still healing from those scars that the world cannot visibly see,

I still hold on to the hope that there’s someone praying out there to be with someone like me.

I’m not allowing you to run thru my mind anymore — it’s a half past three

I’ve had better days without you and that’s why I don’t regret setting you free.


Love, T.


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