Oh kryptonite, my sweet kryptonite

Let’s pretend that you’re mine again tonight 

It’s me and you underneath this beautiful moon

Let’s pretend that this moment won’t need to end so soon


Keep me close —  please keep holding me tight

Hold on to me closer when reality begins to fight 

Let’s set aside our frustrations, let’s clear up our mind

Please remind of the man that I sorrowfully left behind.


I thought that I stopped loving you, maybe it was all just an act

Now you’re all my mind can think about, yet my heart continues fighting back 

You know that fate would never be competing on our side

It turned us against each other, leaving us battling for our precious pride


Unfortunately it’s time again that we lose this pretentious fight

To jump back into reality — where everything wrong seems to become so right

Although this beautiful moon makes me miss you even more

Our moment has ended, but it’s a memory that I’d always long for. 


Oh kryptonite, my sweet kryptonite 

You could never be mine, but thanks for pretending that night.


Love, T.

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