At A Loss

It was during Winter that you mesmerized me with your sleepy eyes.

Before I knew it, you started to undress me with your childish lies.

How could I become so blind, was your superpower to hypnotize?

To think that this could last forever, when it would only end in foolish goodbyes.


Somehow I thought that Spring would be promising,

But I tried to keep you close as you were letting me go.

You made me feel like nothing, you made feel so fucking low.

Unfortunately — shame on me for continuously shaming on you.

You couldn’t even become half the man that I envisioned you’d eventually grow into.


Summer scolded me for training my heart stronger than training my mind.

She convinced me that you were someone worth leaving behind.

So I listened and ran away with a promise to never look back

Sometimes it’s okay to fall; sometimes it’s okay to be a little off track.


It’s been a year since the rainy winter —

it’s been a year since the previous us.

If this year has taught me something,

it’s taught me that I’m the only person that I should trust.

If ever our diligent paths may come to an unexpected cross,

I’ll silently remind you that you will always be the one at a loss.

Love, T.

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  1. Doriam says:

    Beautiful goodbye.

    Liked by 1 person

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