Dear Trisha,

The following letter was written by my younger sister, Trisha. I hope that you may find peace during all your unexplainable chaos.


Dear Tracy,

I’m very stressed about college and also because my new math teacher gave me a bad impression of her class this morning.  Tuition is also $6000 and I don’t know if mommy is willing to pay.  Also my online course teacher is having difficulty with setting up the online class.  I just want to graduate already.  Everything seems disappointing and it’s like I don’t have time for everything now.  I wish times were simpler like not worrying if a class is full.  I like college but I think I need to get used to how college works.  Wish I can just search up “How to college,” but it’ll be dumb.

I hope everything is all well and that you continue to explore new things and most importantly love and accept yourself.  Gotta blast.

— Trisha


Dear Trisha,

I still can’t believe that you’re going to become a freshman in college.  Time flies by so quick.  Sometimes I try to convince myself that you’re the ten year old kid who would try to hang out with Kaz and I, but you’re not that kid anymore.  I didn’t realize that as I was growing older, you were too.  I’m proud of the young adult that you are becoming and I’m excited for all the adventures that are yet to be explored.

Older sister’s advice on how to college — balance!

College will be a rollercoaster, so hold on tight.  Clichè — I’m aware.  My college years were the highlight of my teenage/young adult life.  I’ve learned to actually live and enjoy what life had to offer (sometimes a bit too much as we both know).  I wasn’t the best student academically because I wanted to have a good social life as well.  I’ve made a ton of mistakes.  The best way to get over them is to embrace all the failures so you know how to work around them in the future.

We’re fortunate to have parents that encourage us to to study for free.  Sometimes mom and dad may seem too hard on us, but I don’t think they intend to do that to hurt us.  They may be harsh at times, but that’s their way of showing us their love.  I’ve met people who have juggled school with jobs to support themselves throughout college and to possibly lessen their student debt in the years to come.  I feel lucky that mom and dad didn’t add pressure with finding a job while in school because I don’t think that I would have survived.  When you get into a fight with them in the future, just raise up your white flag (because honestly you’re never gonna win in a fight with them).  Try not to add any extra stress in your life by fighting.  We love you and sometimes you just need to have a reality check (especially when you’re being “extra”).

Studying isn’t easy, especially when majoring in Nursing.  Quick tip — study not to memorize, but to comprehend.  You will not need to remember everything you read, that’s impossible to begin with.  You’ll realize that the areas you are studying are really quite fascinating once you learn more about the pathophysiology of things.  You’ll learn so much interesting things and it will be great knowledge to have in the future.

Love, oh precious love.  I think that I have dated too many random guys in college after me and my ex-boyfriend broke up.  I don’t encourage you to date as many guys as possible because that is just too stressful and mom will kill you.  When love comes around, accept it.  It’s the scariest feeling in the world to be loved by someone, but it’s also something amazing.  When you look for love, you won’t find it. You may find disguises of love, and that’s something you shouldn’t settle for.  And please Trisha, don’t settle for something less than what you know you deserve. It may cause temporary happiness, but you deserve beyond that. Fill yourself with self love and keep yourself busy with things that make you happy.  One day, love will find you and I’m so excited for that to happen.

When your mind convinces you that you’re overwhelmed with studying (or with life in general), take a short break — otherwise, your body will go into fight or flight mode.  Breathe.  Pray.  Relax.  Remind yourself of the intentions of why you want to become a nurse one day.  Or just remind yourself that you aren’t superhuman and you just need to drag yourself back to reality.  Praying always keeps me sane and gives me the mental peace that I know I deserve.

I think that’s it for now, I have to start getting ready for work.

Love, T.