They will mend.

Do you remember our last night together during the rainy month of May?

We both cried rivers as you painfully begged me to stay.

My heart told me no, but my mind assured me yes.

I needed to leave in order for my life to eventually progress.

You were still in denial, she was your only trusted friend.

She made you believe that this love would have no end.


My flight was scheduled the day after I turned twenty-four

To start a new life in the city — I couldn’t turn back anymore.

Leaving made me feel weak, but I promised myself to be brave

In search for personal independence, which I endlessly craved.

You began to be supportive, I still appreciate you for that.

Unfortunately, you saw how the city made this island girl grow into a selfish, spoiled brat.

When I became distant, we started to speak to each other less.

You started to question your motives, you started to become a mess.

You asked yourself, “What did I do for this to go wrong?”

You didn’t find any answers from me, so you sought for them thru OPM songs.


You told others that I stole a piece of your heart,

I took it unwillingly, I’m sorry that I tore it apart.

We both needed to grow and I started to grow away from you

That shattered your feelings, you continually felt blue.

It was never your fault, I just desired for more.

I did not know what I was looking for, so I looked for happiness on stochastic doors.


As what Halsey sings, “someone will love you, but someone isn’t me”

You’ll find someone better, but unfortunately it won’t be T.

The past is now behind us, let’s not look back.

Let’s keep moving forward, let’s get our lives back on track.

Thank you for still accepting me as your friend,

Our hearts may not be whole yet, but in time they will mend.

Love, T.

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