Expect when you’re expecting

Hello, hola, mabuhay, bonjour, 안녕하세요, ハロー

Welcome to The Tracy Express, otherwise known as TREX.

Soooooo…blogging huh? What exactly do you expect when you are expecting — especially from this blog.  I have been wanting to do this for about a year, but unfortunately I have been putting this off due to a whole handful of things and of course, procrastination.  I had promised myself that once I had passed my state boards (FYI I PASSED GUYS!!!), I would begin sharing my life experiences this 2016.

You are probably wondering, “Oh, who is she and what does she want?”  In general, I am a lot of things: daughter, sister, friend, registered nurse, the laziest athlete you will ever meet, but you can just call me Tracy.  What exactly do I want?  I find it quite amazing that a single post from a random individual may have the potential to actually inspire people from different places around the world.  Let me be that individual, let me inspire you.

There are many things that you can expect me to share on my blog: food (need I say more?), old heartbreaks (I’ll try to squeeze in an old story or two), school/education/career (mainly in Nursing), and style/shopping (I’m a girl, it’s given) to name a few.

So, are you ready?  All aboard THE TRACY EXPRESS

We are the same humans, raised from different environments.” — UnknownScreenshot 2016-07-13 23.33.53

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